I can't sell but verify

Sorry I use a translator
So, as seen on the screen, my account is check but I can not click on Next … I would like to sell fast enough and I am pretty disappointed …
Thank you for your comprehension and have a nice day.

My code : GRMZ2Z

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Please post your invite code, so a moderator can help you.

Also create a ticket (contact support) if you haven’t done so

On the “Identity” tab, is it also “Approved”?

Both “Identity” and “Phone” documents probably need to be approved. If they are then please try reloading your browser, or log out and log in again.

You can try the Android or iOS app to see if you can sell.

Thanks for mess

My code: GRMZ2Z

And my Identity isn’t Approved…But only one not enough ?

Before, I could but since their update, I can not anymore: '(
I just need to sell 1 card … Deception

Hello, only verifying your phone number isn’t enough. You need to get your I’d verified as well. If you haven’t done so already, please submit your I’d information so our team can verify it as well. Thank you.

Hi I’m trying to sign up through the gameflip app and like so many other people when I try to verify my phone number it doesn’t work. I also don’t get any invitation code on the app. Is there a way to see that invite code thing

on the app?

Some country phone numbers aren’t supported yet, like: Algeria, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine.

What is the country of the phone number you used?

I live in the USA

Do you get the same error when you sign in and try to verify your phone number on the website https://gameflip.com ?

If you browse the forums for a few more minutes, you’ll get a “Basic User” badge then you can private message a forum moderator your issue and phone number.

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Yes I tried on my computer and it still says that.

The phone number needs to be cellular/mobile and not VOIP (such as Google Voice). Is your phone service prepaid? Do you have a different phone number such as a family member’s that you could use?

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