I’m a fraud?????

I just made my account and when I used my verification number it said it was used by another user. I emailed Gameflip help and they said

“Hello Firecharlie66,

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for fraud, by impersonating Gameflip with an alternate account.

The suspension is permanent.

Gameflip Help”

I don’t know what to do because I have never used Gameflip before BUT IM PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED?!?!

Are you saying your phone number is already used on the site? Do you have a family member or friend that might have used your phone number to register before? If that is so, Gameflip can’t tell whether it’s two separate people or just one pretending, so you may need to get another phone number to register.

No one else in my family plays video games also my friends don’t either?!!!

Can you send me your invite code via PM so I can check your account for you and give you more information?


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My invite code is M8K2YU

My account was also banned for the same reason… apparently i have an alternate account named ‘sell confirmation’, no idea where they got that from lol