I Need help with API ERROR ForbiddenError: Invalid api otp

Hello I wasted the whole day with the API. I can’t get any further where I enter my API keys.
I get this error

Node.js command prompt
c:\gfapi-master>SET GFAPI_KEY=49594010**03a8009###cb7e7c931

c:\gfapi-master>SET GFAPI_SECRET=49594010**03a800###cb7e7c931

c:\gfapi-master>node src\samples\search_listing.js
DEBUG GET https://production-gameflip.fingershock.com/api/v1/listing?category=DIGITAL_INGAME&upc=812872018935&status=onsale&price=100%2C2999&tags=id%3A%20zomba&sort=price%3Aasc&limit=5
==== ERROR ForbiddenError: Invalid api otp

  • at GfApi._result (c:\gfapi-master\index.js:764:19)*
  • at async main (c:\gfapi-master\src\samples\search_listing.js:48:2*

I don’t know what API_SECRET is so I entered the key there too, I don’t know what else should come in there.

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