Api error listing "invalid api otp"

is there anyone have same problem when you use api? the error is

“ForbiddenError: Invalid api otp
at GfApi._result (C:\Users\razva\gf\index.js:764:19) {
message: ‘Invalid api otp’”

Hello @TinkodePS,

I have recieved the same error multiple times, and it was easily fixed for me; close the command prompt and re-open it.

I can also see that you are directing it to the index, which is wrong. Use the script below and it should work.

It could also be an error in your script, it should look like this: image

Once you have done this, make sure your listings are saved as .js, then type ‘node src\samples\ name.js’

Make sure to put the correct keys after each line ‘e.g. SET GFAPI_KEY=1234ABCD’.

I hope that this fixes your problem.

i am not pointing on index.js just saying that this is the error and its consistent on different list every time

try changing your clock , someone else had this issue

still getting error time to time, sometimes i can’t list anything, i made a support ticket