I need to talk to a mod plz message me please

Hi I got a false bad report I have proof I would like this removed

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Did you mean you unfairly got a negative rating (red frowny face)? Give the order ID of the listing that you got the negative feedback on to see if a moderator can help. You should give more details if support is to help you.

You can message moderator after you have browsed the forum for 15+ minutes.


The order id is > 08517384-4996-4fb0-b8e0-aadd46ddfce8

Not sure how this works but i got on the forum for this exact reason if anybody knows how to help please do, I have cancelled 2 orders which both have been requested by the buyers I have updated them on the orders and when i can complete it etc and they say its fine but once they ask to cancel they give me a bad rating for no reason at all

Post the Order ID of the transaction where you got a negative rating.

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601207ce-7464-49b5-b6c8-8f217af0ab5d I believe it was one of these

It really sucks because I did everything they said

Hello Hayden_Dobson!

Could you please inform me the correct transaction ID? It is not matching the one in the screenshot.

Hey Sikhbru123!

Having a look at yours now :wink:

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Just verified for you and the only reason that I will not remove the bad rating is because, even after your first “boosting” warning, you continued doing it again with this sale. The user wanted you to “carry” him and you wanted his account info. The exchange of account and password is prohibited on Gameflip.

So be aware, this counts as a second warning.

Further violations will result in the suspension of your account.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Was not aware of this I must have missed the first warning?