I need a mod please

Hi, so I just did a delivery. All went good, I gave him the stuff. A guy that was talking was disrespectful towards me and litteraly called me ugly and gave me a unfair bad review. I have videoproof and this is unacceptable. I had 0 bad review and because of disrespectful kids ( cause they were 3 talking in the party ) I now have one. I would love to have it removed please. ( I have the audio of it too )

Order id : 78097d6a-398e-43e2-8198-5e5d9c9caeba

I had something similar to this, though they were not as insulting to me. I created a support ticket and attached proof of unwarranted bad review and it was taken care of. Mind you a few days later, but still handled. Hopefully that may be the way to go, but I don’t know. Sorry to hear you had that experience.

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Thank you for your advice. The ticket where do I go for this type of thing ?

The Help Center link is at the bottom of the website and in the Help page of the mobile apps. There you can make a support ticket.