I got a bad review by a scammer help!

So a person bought a bundle of 20 guns and when I delivered he said I was 1 short. Now I didn’t believe him but I gave him a different gun but even better than the other 19 guns. After that he thanks me and leaves. I go to check my rating as usual and find out he gave me a bad review. This is so frustrating! He even claims the 20th gun was used!

Not just that but he said I took forever when I was waiting on him the whole time!!
Please look at the time stamps of our messages

I just looked back at my video recording and I indeed did drop the right amount, so he lied. If any of you mods need to see the recording let me know.

My invite code is: CTJCQP

You can private message the moderator your invite code and the video link so they can review it.


Please, PM me and send this video so I can investigate this further?


Can you please review the video proof that I PM’d you?

they dont work on weekends

@DunnBiscuit im still waiting upon your review of my video proof that I messaged you…

Link his profile

why do I need to do that?

You don’t need to, but it would be nice, so any of us can block him if wanted.