I need help to get refund

Seller has not given me my item past his deleivery amount and grace period but i cant get a refund i need help if someone can help that would be great

Did you open a dispute when the seller didn’t deliver? Have you already rated the seller?

Please post your invite code in case a moderator can help you.

They havnt got the item yet so i cant they havnt even replied to my msgs

I havnt got the item

You should see a cancel button after the promised delivery date is past.

Yea the item was suposed to be deliverd in one day and i bought it two days ago so its been 1 day and 12 hours

There is No cancle button

Can you give a screenshot of the order page?

If you want help from a moderator they will need your invite code posted here.

How do i find my invite code

Did you click on any of the links I gave you? They’re orange colored.

Oh cool so i just type it in and reply


emphasized text


I was able to rescind the transaction.



Hello I have the same problem it has been three days hasn’t responded to my messages

He replied one time but after that he hasn’t responded

My code is WZJG4M

I have to e same problem it was supposed to be delivered a day again yet it has almost be refunded and I would like to get a refund can someone help me thank you

He replied one time but after that he hasn’t responded

C5Y132 Is my invite code

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