Please HELP can’t find out how to request refund

I bought 2 items from the same seller and he was supposed to send in 24 hours, it’s been 3+ days and haven’t gotten them or talked to him, I can’t find a place to request a refund for my order or ask for a credit exchange or something. Please help I don’t know what to do I just feel like I got robbed

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I would suggest leaving your Invite Code + Order ID(See Second Picture you can see where u can find your Order ID) here and tag a Mod so that they can investigate it for you when their free because they would still need your Invite Code to investigate the matter so it would save some time.

Firstly, the most important part, was it the first time your purchasing an item? Is the Item under review? If it is, then there will be no chatbox nor the delivery time will start. It will only start after purchase is approved.

If not, then you should have a chatbox (Blue Arrow In Picture) Did you ever try to write him a message or communicate with him via chatbox?

Yes, you are eligible for refund if the seller does not deliver within promised period.Capture

I would suggest contacting Support about it if the purchase was not in pending, it really has been 3 days since purchase approved, seller does not respond for 3 whole days and there is no cancellation button. Link Below.


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