I shipped a package it was delivered and he didnt rate me.

So i sold a game to this guy and then shipped it the next day and it arrived later in the week and he told me he recieved it but has to try it. So i said okay when youre done please rate me so i can get paid. This was over a month ago! I try to message him but he just ignores it. I also read a topic on here saying that it automatically pays them after like three days? Ive been waiting a month to get paid and still havent. What should i do?

Did you input the tracking number into the listing when you shipped it? If there’s no tracking number for the client to read, the 3-day auto rate can’t go into effect because there’s no way for it to know when something get’s delivered.

If you can give me your Invite Code I can see what the situation is.

Where would i find this code in the app?

you should tell customer support that i s still have not gotten payed for the game you sold

To locate your Invite Code, you’ll need to go to: Menu > Invite Friends to Earn Credits > Invite Friends > Your Code

The invite code is 8cw212

After looking into your account, I see that you didn’t attach a tracking number to the listing. This is why the transaction didn’t auto rate. If you have the tracking number for this listing, please send me that and I can verify the delivery and mark it as received.

I dont have a tracking number. Where would i find it

I just went to the post office and payed for shipping there and sent it (usps)

The tracking number would be on the receipt that USPS provided you.