I should be off suspension but i'm not? Can i please get some help?

I was suspended last month on 4/16 around 4-6 pm CST and i received an e-mail and text message saying that it would last until 5/16. It is not 5/17 at 8:00 pm CST and I still can’t log in to gameflip. I’d really like some help understanding why this is happening or what needs to be done to get this matter resolved. Please?

@DunnBiscuit ???

You already made a post about this. Click on that moderator’s icon or go to their profile and click on “Message” and tell them your invite code and issue.

I’ve tried and they haven’t messaged back or will reply to my posts. It just doesn’t make sense to be told i’m suspended for 30 days and then the suspension goes longer than that with no help from any moderator or anything.

I saw that you contact me via PM a few minutes ago.

I’ll answer you shortly.

Thank you.

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