So i got suspended for some reason… i have good ratings however i had just started so I’m only in the 30-40’s of good ratings. How do i get underspend?

Can you send me your invite code so I can check your account for you?


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Hey! Sorry for the late reply i never get notified! Invite code is jv8s3x. Thank you!

It took me awhile to recover my account because it got hacked ages ago and when i got it back it said i was suspended. Hopefully this could be undone


You just remembered to check your post after 2 years? Sorry but that made me chuckle lol.

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Lol i basically just took the L once i couldn’t get my account back, then just forgot about it after awhile i guess. I just check the forums and saw a reply on the same day. Pretty annoyed with myself lol


[User suspended]

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@cameron_keys are they admins?

Thank you to everyone who tagged people! Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Appreciate all the support

Anyone know anyone else helpful to tag feel free!

Did you submit a ticket to Gameflip? Link:

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I don’t see anything about tickets @nfsjayiscool

You have to press this:

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Cheers man i think i got it

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Hello Chris_Markley,

Due to the nature of your suspension, we are unable to remove it.