Insanely high memory usage on

For the past 2-4 weeks (can’t remember exactly when), I have been facing issues browsing any seller’s page that has a full page of listings on Refreshing and scrolling up and down the page sometimes causes the memory usage from my browser to spike so high, it maxes out my free ~10-15gb memory and makes my browser freeze or slow down, triggering the “Aw snap, out of memory” error on Chrome.

It’s definetly not from my side. I tried Firefox, Edge, cleared my cache and cookies but faced the very same issue. Just now, my computer almost froze to death when I was testing to snap a screenshot.

Anyone else having this problem? It doesn’t seem anyone other than me is complaining in the forum, so I don’t know. Maybe most users are browsing from the phone app unlike me? Im an old fashioned computer guy, I don’t do everything in my life through my phone like the new generation of users.

Am I really the only one?


This is just by scrolling up and down a seller’s page. Chrome almost freezes and goes all black for a second, CPU usage and memory spikes this high too. I can’t be the only one on Gameflip having this issue.

just check about:performance in Firefox to see what browser tab produce this issue.

I only had 1 tab open.

Hi there,

I would like to report a bug and the messenger no longer works, always shows an error no matter what browser or app.

I tried Firefox, chrome and gameflip app from play store. Android 11 Wi-Fi


Cannot access to https: cdn.talkjs .com /talk.js. Please refresh and try again!

Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

I would have liked to open a new topic to report this problem as a single problem, unfortunately this button does not exist.

Hello everyone,

If you are still having issues, please contact the support team using the link below ok.

Once the ticket is created, feel free to share the number here so I can take a look.

Make sure to add screenshots and screen recording(s) (Youtube Link) of the issue you are facing.

Godspeed! :trident:

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