Is there a way to update an item for sale without deleting and redoing the whole thing?

I sell alot of Rocket League items on Gameflip and I am wondering if there is a way to update an existing “item for sale” to make it show up like a new post…but without having to delete and repost the item? Sorry if that was confusing. It’s kind of hard to explain what i’m asking

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You can edit items on the website or app. The app looks like a little pencil over a square/paper icon. On the wesbsite you’ll see an edit Button instead of a Buy button or you can put them in draft form temporarily to make certain mass changes.

If you mean something like “bumping” the item to be the first listing that’s not an option because it got out of control when it was an option.


I remember the days when it was “bumped” just by press edit and then done.
It was HELL. Competitive af since you had to do this 24/7 to sell anything.