Gameflip APP bug (recent items for sale disappeared)


I have just updated Gameflip’s app on IOS (update for version 5.0, that went live on 11th of march) and I now can not see the last items that I put for sale earlier today on my PC.

I almost freaked out because I thought someone had wrongly removed the items from my account, but by entering through the browser all the items are still there for sale.

This disappearing is only happening to the items that I put for sale today (Anthem vinyl decals and Origin monthly access). All the other items that I had previously put for sale are 100% visible through the app.

P.S.: I tried restarting my phone but still I can’t see those forementioned items, and I fear other people using the APP won’t be able to seem them as well! I’m reporting this in hope that this bug is resolved faster

My code: 2EE2ML
My profile:
Phone running on IOS 10.3.1 (14E304)

Minor update: almost 24h later and the bug is still there (I can’t see the last items that I put for sale - it’s like they don’t exist).
I just tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but still can’t see the selling items through the IOS app. I figured perhaps reinstalling the app would fix the issue, but unfortunately it didn’t.

It’s probably because you’re posting those listings in the “Other” category, which is now blocked in iOS? Try posting those Anthem game codes in the “Games/Origin” category.

Hi there. You have a solid point there, but why would the “Other” category be blocked on the IOS app? Is it a well known problem on the IOS app or are you just guessing the cause?

Apple has stricter content policy, and a lot of users list junk or spammy listings under Other category. I think Gameflip just blocks it because they can’t police those listings fast enough.


Thank you for clarifying that for me! :slight_smile:

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