Just a suggestion.

It would be better if we can see what games/items were sold and what games/items weren’t, in seperate categories.

Kind of like how the online version of the sight does?

Never knew there was a website, but it would be good if that feature was in the app version.

Yeah, just go to https://www.gameflipapp.com/#/ and your at the main sight. When it first launched, it was just the sight to lead you to the app store. Now you can actually see what’s being listed on the app and if it’s sold out or not. You can’t go to people’s profiles on it, you can’t buy from it and you can’t comment on the post but it’s a good way to check to see what’s being sold on the app if you are so inclined. I think the most important part of it is that, at the bottom of the page, you can see a Forums link that will take you to a computer version of the forums.

That’s pretty much how I stay on the forums all the time with my computer and can type more then a sentence without getting annoyed with auto correct XD