Purchasing idea...

I just kind of had a thought for something that could improve purchasing and encourage buyers to buy from the same vendor. What if the buyer had the option to put a kind of cart together of each vendor on the app? Not separate vendors, that would have to be a separate program that would be for another talk, but just from that one vendor? I’ve seen it some times where a vendor would have more then one product for sale that I wanted but I have to go to each one to purchase them.

This could also make it possible for buyers to have a favorite vendor who regularly sells on here or has enough supplies anyway.

So, any thoughts?

Will the buyer get a discount if buying multiple items from the same vendor? If it’s just a simple shopping cart, it’s just a minor convenience for a few buyers who are doing shopping spree.

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No yeah, the discount add on would be a great idea also! Or maybe a credit idea where, if you buy 3 from the say vendor, both of you get $2 in in-store credit for your next purchase or something. Something that could get people to look at the same vendor more than once.

It’s great that we have vendors who are featured stores, but it would be awesome to show some love to the people who are not a “store” per-say but have a lot of stock they want to sell.

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I totally agree. I prefer listing keys here then on giveaway sites because you dont know whos leaving feedback and whether it would be false. Since December 2016 (I know it hasn’t been long) I’ve listed a lot of items and I’ve sold 2 items (same buyer btw) and had one cancelled.

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