Is there something wrong with mobile app notifications?

I always receive my notifications on messages only after an hour or 2. Not only that, i don’t receive any notifications on my phone of my listings being bought.

For example, at 3.44 AM, a person who opened a dispute messaged me, i only receive it at 5.30 AM.

At 2.47 AM, someone bought my listing, i don’t receive a notification at all until i check the app’s notification

p.s forgot to list it under helps and bugs

I’m not sure if this will help
Go to the app
Go to notification turn them all off
Back out of the app
Go back and turn them back

See if that helps

If that fail please uninstalled the app and redownload it
This one should fix it.

Lucy :heart:

alright, will wait for one to pop out

Uninstall the app normal fixes most issues with app too.

Lucy :heart:

It happens to me sometimes, probably servers are overloaded or something. If you are still facing the issue contact gameflip support here

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all good, i turn them off and on like what lucy said and i receive notifications instantly. However, is it normal to have my notifications overlap each other?

For e.g. a person commented on my listing at 4pm
Then another person bought my listing at 5pm

Rather than receiving 2 notifications, i only receive 1 which shows that my listing is sold at 5 pm

This isn’t common. Can you confirm if this is happening often so I can investigate this further?


for this, it always happens.

I also just sold a listing 30 mins ago and i have not receive a notification yet, i only saw it once i log into gameflip through my laptop

Did you try uninstalling the app and redownloading it?

i’ll try it once i get back home.

I know it help me in the past with this app and a few other like twitter.
If youre still having issues you may need to email gameflip.

Lucy :heart:

Is your phone ‘putting the app to sleep’? Mine does this to save battery at times and I won’t get notifications right away.

Sometime phone clearning app will put app into sleep mode and will only wake them once you open them.

You can try this too

I still think removing and redownloading will fix the issue

Lucy :heart:

nah the app is not put to sleep, but i’ve redownloaded it, now i’ll just wait

I hope it works. I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t fix the issue.

If you have any other issues just posted it.

Lucy :heart:

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i reinstalled, but i didnt receive any notifications when someone commented on my listing 6 mins ago. i had to manually go to the gameflip app to check

Im so confused what it would be then.
You may need a moderate to help you with this issues.

Im sorry.

Lucy :heart:

Please, contact our support team here

Send any information you have (screenshots) if any, so they can investigate this further.


Support ask for screenshots, but i dont know what screenshot to provide. I didnt even receive any notification on gameflip on my mobile despite receiving one on my desktop, should i just send them a screenshot of my empty notification bar?