Item Under review for 22 Hours

Hi, my Item that I bought has been Under Review for the last 22 hours. The page I got redirected to when I bought the knife said I SHOULD get an email within 24 hours. I waited 12 hours, and Had yet to receive an email. I then had to contact support, and asked them. I got a response asking me to submit my ID, as well as showing a phone bill with my name in it (real name is not Huey James) and I submitted my phone bill, but not my ID. Because I feel that sending an ID over the internet can be somewhatat dangerous, and seems fishy. So to recap it’s been 22 hours, without them sending me an email. Here is my Order ID, please help me sort this out. If anyone is wondering, my paypal says the transaction is pending. “This is a temporary authorization to make sure your payment method will cover the payment. Your payment method will be charged when ijji, Inc completes your order.”

Order # is: 91aa3c5d-caf0-4977-a47a-5fbde68173c0

2 Hours later I decided to buy a key from Gameflip to see if the error still pops up. I bought a key and instantly received it.

Please Help!

@BurTheFly Please let me know what I can do to speed up the process