January: new year, new adventures!

Hello Flippers!

Happy new year! 2023 is set to be a great year ahead, with a lot of amazing things to come. Be ready for great promos, coupons, fun games, and more!

Flippy will be joining us on this journey as well! He is set to great adventures ahead, so stay tuned to our social media for them!

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Hello Flippers!

2023 is finally here, and as with every new year, new challenges await for us, both inside and outside our games!

January is a great time to take it easy and enjoy for a while before the year goes up to full speed, so what better way to enjoy than with lots of gift card discounts? Flippy Is enjoying his time out, but we will be posting lots of deals with up to 40% off for everyone! Keep an eye out on our Flash Deals Store!

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Hello Flippers!

Ready for a piece of Flippy’s story?

“The Training was intense, a fox-naut training always was, but this time around Flippy was not only getting ready for adventures or the perils of space journeys but also learning how to become a real Ambassador for Fox Planet.”

Where do you think will go next?

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Hello Flippers! Excited for the weekend?

What games are you going to play? I’m trying to finish God of War Ragnarok!

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Hello Flippers!

2023 is rushing forward, we are already halfway through! Have you been enjoying our deals?

Flippy told me he’ll be listing plenty of Amazon and iTunes gift cards on our Flash Deals Store today, with discounts up to 35%!

Remember to be quick to grab those deals, as they go out fast!

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Hello Flippers!

Wanna hear a little bit more about Flippy’s adventures so far?

Here you go:

“During last year’s adventures, Flippy learned new languages, the way to behave in all sorts of social interactions, and all sorts of stuff, even some long “lost” Fox Magic that could be useful to him in the future.”

Will that be helpful to the fox during its journeys ahead?
Let’s wait and see what the future reserves.

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The last weekend of January is coming!

What are you gonna play? Or are you going to watch a movie?

Well, while you decide, please check below more on Flippy’s latest adventure:

“On the day of the launch, already aboard Silver Fox, the new ship, the last words from Flippy to the mission command were “To New Journeys Ahead”. The ship disappeared with a blink into the space.”

Where do you think Flippy’s journey will take him?

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