Just finished Midterms

I know its not for everyone, but for all my fellow “kiddies” in highschool I just had my midterms this week. Kinda upset the highest grade I got on any of them was a 90… I mean its still an A but I probably couldve done better. And I can guarentee I pratically failed english, there was just so much to read and only half of the time needed! But yeah what classes are you guys taking (or even have taken) and do they have midterms?

I am a senior, and the classes I am taking are British literature, Calculus, Physics, American Government, American Economics, Spanish, and A writing class. And I have a midterm for all of them, joy.

Oh wow Im only a sophomore this year but oh boy, sounds like you really have it tough, huh? My sis is a senior this year too, but shes toughing it out through like 4 or 5 AP classes. Im also taking physics myself this year, but that seems to be the only class we have in common. Turns out they dont have calc at my school, so after Im done with precalc this semester I take honors discrete. And I feel your pain with the language course, I took Latin II over the summer, what a bother. I hate all the freaking conjugations and stuff like that! Goodluck to you though, youll need it! But at least its only a year till college, right? Actually I dont know if thats a good thing or not lol, my sis has been stressed over all those college applications you guys have to fill…

Yeah it is tough, I am basically visiting colleges every week. But good luck on your classes and midterms.

Thanks! But Im really blessed, as long as I keep up my grades I dont have to worry about college for another 3 years. I go to an early college wit a grade 13.