Highshool Classes

So tomorrow starts my, what, 4th week of school? Anyways, yes I admit it im only in highschool. But I go to an early college and its really hard to be motivated sometimes, when all i want to do is sit back, game, or browse gameflip XD (this parantheses that Im currently typing in marks the place where i finally learned how the gameflip emoji system works btw lol :v: :earth_americas:)
But yeah enough about me. I wanted to know what classes some of you other guys or taking? (Plus I kinda wanna see if this early college program has actually out me ahead or not)
If anyones actually interested they can reply to this thread if they wanna know what classes Im taking, but I doubt it :P.

Well I didn’t get my class list and I don’t start until tomorrow, but I do believe I’ve got some computer science stuff and latin

… Did you say latin? LATIN? LAAAATIN! LAAATIN!
Sorry I took latin I in middle school and latin II over the summer and i really just dont like latin.
There’s a reason why it’s a dead language…
Goodluck! lol you’ll need it…
I have physics for science this semester.