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Want some Bitcoin? Join the FLIP Bounty Program and start earning!
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Interesting…i guess i am a full time member bitcointalk

Signup in your Signature and Avatar Campaign… waiting for approval…:slight_smile:

iam just share news, and im not member bitcointalk if you want to know.
again just share news

LOL okay… :smiley:

@GuLo may i ask what is your native language and where are you from?

im from indonesia, and you ?

Venezuela. I just was curious on what your native language was haha

yeah, ahaha… im sorry for that. im learn english from dota not school :sweat_smile:

Oh! Don’t misunderstand me. I wasn’t insinuating anything about that. I just was curious. English is not my native language neither but i do have more practice for english so i can say it is pretty decent comparing to others xD. My first language is Spanish.

it is not. My foundation is in the game, so I’m not very good in English. and in my country many regional languages and tribal cultures of course, but we usually always use indonesian language for unity especially in school. so know besides learning the main language of indonesia we learn our local language. so my english is not very good. so please be advised :laughing:

I don’t have any problem with it! I know the hard it is to learn a new language almost from cero so i do understand that you’re really trying to do your best ^-^