withdraw problem

i need to withdraw my balance using bitcoin
the problem is i only completed 13 transaction and the minimum is 20
and my id verification rejected too as it is not in english and i don’t have an english id or passport.
i don’t know when i will be able to complete 20 and don’t have verified paypal account now
what do i do ? my balance is 292$
what is the solution to withdraw my money now ?

Your ID verification on Gameflip was rejected because it’s not in English? Or was it PayPal that rejected you?

Could you leave your invite code in case a moderator can help you.

my ID verification on Gameflip was rejected because it’s not in English
invite code :2L747S


In this case, you will need to use PayPal or complete 20 sales and apply for the BTC payout. Unfortunately, there is no other withdraw option here.

Also you may use your money to purchase anything from the marketplace.


what about the id verification ?
my id is not in english so i can’t add a bitcoin wallet
is there a solution for that ?

You must have and ID that is also in English. In your case, photos of your passport with your ID will suffice.

Thank you.

i don’t have a passport
so i think there is no hope for me ?

do i need english id to add bitcoin wallet too ?

Hello! Yes, you will need any kind of ID that is part in English for BTC as well.


hello my Bitcoin withdraw application after 2 week still on pending please approve it
profile code S9247Y

I recommend you to buy cheap “Dota 2” skins and sell them for the same price at least in order to complete the 20 transactions.

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I’ve also been waiting since May 17, 2019 for my Bitcoin-withdrawal-verification to be approved.
4 days ago I got this answer to my support-request:

Your bitcoin application is on our review queue, as soon as you have been approved you will receive a notification about it, unfortunately, these reviews are taking longer due to internal matters

However I really hope that at least the verification will be processed within the next few days so I can request a payout which most likely also will take some time.

Best regards,
Code: XDJ19V

EDIT: Oh… Sorry… Didn’t see the OP was created back in Jul '18.

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I have same problem

Well, at least I’m not the only one with this problem.
Usually I’m not that impatient but 17 days is kind of too long for an ID-verification.

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