Russian people are coming

so many Russian people have come since dotatvru at youtube made intro in the video about gameflip ? that said join/sign up get $1 no wonder many cheap items sell well

example videos :

is that still work or something that $1 ? if work thats not good, there country is hard get new phone number for activated account in gameflip, but there more country is easy get new phone and make the other new one account. the danger if this is misused.

yep gameflip need to block russian traffic and in russian is many sms service activation what is cost 1 sms = 1 rub = 0.017$

Hey guys, thanks for the report, we will take what you said in consideration regarding this.

may i suggestion. Stop giving new acc $1 , too much $1 under sold out , and the buyer never seen again. like so easy for create new acc and buying skins around $1 , create another new one again and buy skins around $1 again

It can be fraud money, if 1 acc for example can create like 100 acc then buy item/skin/product him self (main acc). Or just get forever free subs trial or something.

Hello! I’m from Russia. I confirm that Russian schoolchildren create hundreds of accounts for the sake of getting $1. I see how they brag about social networks that they could take several times free 1$. Just delete the possibility of getting $1.

I’ll take this feedback to the marketing team.

Just please keep in mind that exploiters of this type of promotion get banned before they can cash out or buy anything with the cash balance, plus the fact that we have a limit of redemptions for every single campaign we run, therefore the impact on the marketplace should not be out of control.

:sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile::joy: This made my night and made me laugh so hard. I can just imagine all these little Russian kids in their little school uniform furiously tapping away at their phone screens making new accounts for the dollar.

haha im not sure they use mobile phone, easier for use pc or something for faster get new phone number and signup again n again

They use special services that issue virtual phone numbers for a few cents.

they now in forum. :rofl::joy:make riot

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