Why my phone number is blocked

Your Code: SM86EN I live in Russian federation and website says it is blocked is it possible to solve the problem ?

I don’t think Gameflip blocks Russia, but if your phone number is being used a lot (ex: your number is actually a disposable phone number), then it gets blocked.

I also believe Gameflip block phone numbers linked to previously suspended accounts - to stop suspended users establishing new accounts.

No this is my first account

I wanted to sell codes for pubg skins but I got my phone and every other phone I used blocked

Wait for the Moderators to respond or alternately you can PM them:

1 DunnBiscuit
2 op_JOkEr

They have been incredibly busy with scamming/spamming and other genuine issues so I would be patient. They do not work during the weekends so if you don’t hear back today then I wouldn’t expect a response any earlier than Monday.