i need a solution about my number phone :(

hola , im new here can you give me a solution?

my number phone is : +19142523476 , plis say me why i want to buy some starbucks , thank you.

@DarkKnight @op_JOkEr help me guys

If it’s blocked then that probably means gameflip isnt available in your region at this time. Seen someone else with same problem and that was the reason.

no help? ok

@MajorTom .

You need to use your physical SIM
gameflip blocked all of virtual( voip) numbers

Hello La_Mifa

Unfortunately, the error “Phone number is blocked” generally means that we will not allow that number to be used for any of several reasons, including a country we do not support, carrier we do not support, or type of phone we do not support, and a few other possible issues Twillio (our telephony provider) does not support.

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Seems like this is one of those disposable phone number? or VOIP number?

Why don’t you support some countries?


Gameflip is currently not supported in all countries but we will continue to add more countries as we grow.

I know. My county, for example, is not supported anymore but was supported before. My question is why. My friend who is one of the biggest seller (so you can say one of the biggest worldwide) on one of your competitor marketplaces is unable to register on Gameflip to move half of his sales here and I’m sure it would do you only good.

I’m curious, which country are you from that is not supported?

Serbia. As I said, it was supported before but not anymore. I keep wondering what are the reasons, as I am unable to recommend Gameflip to my RL friends because country itself is banned here for new users.

Hello @Pedja_Erakovic!

Good news!

We have verified on our end and numbers from Serbia should be able to verify again.

Please try and let us know :wink:

God Speed! :trident:


Really great news! I don’t want alternate account for myself, so I wont test it, but I informed few of my friends, they’ll try it today.

EDIT: It twerks! Great! :wink:

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Yeah, it works, only now you rejected my application for identity verification because there is no billing address on my ID. For your information, Serbian government gives a choice to each citizen: either the ID card is going to be with a chip (and therefore without address on it) or without chip (hence there is going to be address printed on it). Because of that I had to do another application, only this time I used a passport to prove my identity. I really hope that you’re not going to reject me again because I am getting really frustrated with your so called “protective measures” which are looking like a sort of discrimination.

And you rejected me once again, even when I have shown my ID and my passport. What the â– â– â– â– ???

Hello @Ciklonizacija!

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused :frowning:

Could you please provide me your invite code, so I could take a look?

Also, we do not authorize any type of discrimination on the Gameflip platform, therefore we will always have respectful attitudes and behaviors around our users.

If you have any doubts regarding the process and what documents are allowed, please check the following link:

God Speed! :trident:

I’m in Việt Nam, but don’t receive anything sms verification… why, i tried two others number and failed

Hello @Nguy_n_Nik,

What error are you receiving?

God Speed! :trident: