I used to be able to use my phone number, now my country is not supported?

Hi :wave: i have had my gameflip account for some time now and i never had any problem logging in. Just a couple of days ago i couldnt sign in to my account because i stopped receiving 2 factor authentication codes in which i used to receive them before with no problem. I contacted gameflip support team and thanks to them they removed the phone number and i could sign in to my account. However, now i cant list any item for sale and i cant buy anything. It asks me to add a phone number and when i add my phone number i get an error. I contacted gameflip again and they said my number is no longer supported in my country. Now i am locked behind my account, i cant sell anything and most importantly i cannot use the money i have in my account. Please help me with my case :slight_smile:

What is your phone number country? Browse the forum for 15+ minutes and you’ll unlock the private message feature. Then go to the moderator’s profile, click on “Message” and give the phone number you registered on Gameflip.

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Hey man! My phone number is from IRAQ. As I mentioned, i already registered my phone number with my gameflip account and i didnt have any problem with it. Now that i am locked behind it i really dont know what to do. I pmed the moderator he hasnt responded yet. Thank you!