Russians And Bitcoin

This has nothing to do with russians / bitcoin ban. Its pretty simple what ppl are doing is depositing funds with stolen cc’s / hacked pps. Then creating a fake seller account to launder the funds and cashout. Thats why $1 item sold for $2.5k. Also i think bitcoin payments were suspended because ppl were using the double spend btc exploit

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We are taking extra care when handling these cases.

I guarantee to you, there’s absolutely no involvement with PayPal or Credit Cards here. That’s the reason why we suspended purchases via BTC only.

Not confirmed, but the payment processor could have been exploited.

Can you check my pm about account suspended. Been 4 days support does not reply

  1. They were all Russian. or at least most of them were, and at least half the buyers were friends with each other on Steam.
  2. They all used bitcoin deposits

WHy would they need to create fake accounts or buy skins from sellers, when they could just cash their money with a Payout request?

There is certainly more going on then we are being told, but in the end as long as everyone gets paid, I guess its an internal thing for gameflip to figure out.

You cant withdraw a bitcoin deposit hence you need to launder it through a fake seller acc to request payout. $1 item for $2.5k is obviously a fake sale to launder funds. You have no proof they were russian or if they used btc deposit. If they did delosit btc the main question would be why launder through gameflip or buy expensive listings and loose comission fees when they could get profit selling btc through exchange websites. Only conclusion is they exploited the payment gateaway.