Regarding upcoming Bitcoin payout change

Hello guys, we will have some payout changes next month, so in order to get more suggestions and better understand the impact of such changes, I’d like to request the users that payout via Bitcoin, to contact me via PM so we can discuss this further.

I’ll be waiting for your PMs!

A link to the official forum post:

Thank you.

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Hello @DunnBiscuit

I would PM you some suggestions & I think I could help out. Although I don’t think it lets me withdraw via bitcoin as my account is new.

Will bitcoin withdrawal be available to more users soon? If not what are the requirements?



You can see the requirements to withdraw via BTC here:

Regardless of that, you can share your suggestions so we can dioscuss it further :smiley:

I really wish that you guys inform us before sending the payout … like by giving us an exact time of HH:MM of the payout , cuz it’s really bad for someone like me when i always withdrawl high amount of cash like 1k+… this week i had to withdrawl a 1k, at the payout btc were at 4.900 euros then after a few hours it went down to 4.700-4.600 … so i got like -70 eur of my money , i only withdrawl to bitcoin so i can deposite on my bank account since i can’t use paypal at my country ,and this really piss me off cuz that 70 euros is not little to me and i don’t see btc going back up anytime soon to 5k… all i had to do is to take the loss and deposite my money :)) we just need to be informed for an exact date/time for the payout ! that would be extremly helpfull, thanks x)

PS : this really piss me off… what i lost on my last withdrawl is not small to me at least… it’s what i make in a week or 5days… sad to see it go away like that… hope u can provide us what i asked above

How would be the BTC wallet like the FLP wallet? Each user can purchase items with BTC balance. Sellers can withdraw btc. It’s just a suggestion. I know you need to study about it.