Payout system changes

Hello Flippers!

Starting on May 1st, 2019, the Bitcoin and PayPal payouts will have changes that will affect the max amount per payout that can be requested and the max payout amount a seller can request during a 7 days window. See the numbers below for both payment methods:


  • Up to $3,500.00 per payout request
  • Up to $7,000.00 within rolling 7 days window


  • Up to $5,000.00 per payout request
  • Up to $10,000.00 within rolling 7 days window

For example: for both methods, if a seller requests two payouts of $2,000.00 for two consecutive days, he/she will have to wait 6 days to be able to request up to $2,000.00 (referring to the first payout he/she made).

These change can also be read in our FAQ article:

If you have any questions, please, just ping me here or PM me.

Thank you.


One suggestion is to lower the minimum withdrawal amount of bitcoin to at least 10 dollars to be able to withdraw into bitcoin because sometimes as a little sellers we do not reach 100 dollars and paypal is not suitable for everyone as withdrawal paypal does not have ways to cash out for every country so bitcoin is preferable for international sellers

please gameflip diminish min amount of withdrawal of bitcoin

i see coming limits for get cash from gameflip,
my monthly sales is 25-30 k
i would like increase up to 100 k monthly
but is see after this limit we cant increase sales at gameflip

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I see, you mean 100k to withdraw via BTC?

Do you also use PayPal?


He mean that with this new update the maximum available withdrawal sum via bitcoin is $28000 per month. So people who selling above this sum will have their money frozen on Gameflip. Surely this is bad news for big sellers.

yes i mean 100k withdraw via BTC
i dont use paypal

Wow, that’s amazing if you can sell $100k per month. I’m guessing if you’re such a power seller, you can petition to get a higher limit! :slight_smile:


would be great if you can lower the bitcoin min amount to withdraw that would be an advantage for those that would like to cash out their money, since paypal is more suitable for US. people for example in my country I cannot withdraw paypal money to bank neither card

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I hope you’re mistaken. That would be unacceptable for all the high volume sellers!

Yeah, it’s limiting to those who are selling over $28k per month already and must use BTC for withdrawal. If you can withdraw both BTC and PayPal, the limit is more like $68k per month.

I’m sure Gameflip can raise the limit when there’re power sellers who can deliver higher volume. Business wise, they definitely want bigger volume, not less.

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I cant use my PayPal for some reason whenever i try to put funds into my wallet it says “You must authorize payment from your connected PayPal account” i tried everthing such as disabling ad blocker, trying new browser, clearing browser cache. What should I do @DunnBiscuit

The message seems to indicate that you’re using a different PayPal account to make purchase. If that’s not the case, did you change your PayPal email address or other information that is different with the one you previously connected to Gameflip?

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