Bitcoin Payout is Taking more than usual

So recently I tried to cashout 850$ to Bitcoin (I have now 1000$ more in my wallet atm) and I want to know, why it has been delayed so much? Now it is Wendesday for me and usually my payout gets sent in Monday. I would like to know why and some projections to when the payout will be sent. (now pending).
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It can take up to 4 days, plus we have workers on holiday leave.
I’ll post it here again when we have news about it.

Yeah I withdrew 1200$ on 12/21/208 and it is still in transit :confused:

What do you sell, to collect all that?
Just curious to know.

Thank you for your fast response. I needed the Bitcoin to buy new phones for my parents, hopefully it will get sent as soon as possible.

I’m selling Rocket League/TF2 items/keys for cash, I’m a 5000 rating seller.

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Great! :grinning:

I got it in my wallet 10 hours ago, thanks


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