Payout takes too long

Hi guys! @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Could you please check my payout status, taking too long, more that 2 days already.
Usually it was much faster before.

My code is 2YBAET

Hello @GiftShop,

I have verified your account and there is a Bitcoin payout that is currently in transit. So it has already been approved on our side.

Now, keep in mind that payouts take typically 2 days to go through, so you should receive the amount by today.

God Speed! :trident:

Thank you for the info. Long time I did not use BTC payout, I just remember, that if it was “in transit”, BTC came to my wallet during next 3-5 hours. Seems something changed

Hey @GiftShop,

As informed before by DunnBiscuit in the following topic, we have changed our bitcoin payout partner to provide a better payout value for our sellers. So this payout time may be a bit different with this new partner.

God Speed! :trident: