Is there any way to get my paypal payout process speed up?

It’s been a while since i requested my payout and when it normally was always instantly, now is taking more than 15 hours or days. I do really need the money asap. Hope you can speed my process up, please-

This is my invite code: ZX8Y2U

Hey please see below more information regarding the payout process:

Thank you.!

Oh. thanks for your answer! I know what you said on there and i understand it. But, i’m still asking if just in case there would be any way to get my payout speed up, please. I just need the money to make purchases and continue investing on your website!

Also, i have a ticket on support for a purchase i made for an amazon gift card that went invalid code. You answer me that you reviewed and refunded all the purchase amount into my balance. Although, there’s still the purchase on hold and none fund had been refunded yet. If you could help me with that as well, would be great!
This is my invite code: ZX8Y2U

Hope you can help me with all this. And thank you for all you do for us as a community!