Gameflip Invite 1$ bug => This how all items brought last day's

Gameflip , how is this possible that people brought all in-game skins with overpriced and we all know there is many in-game skins stores where you can buy it for 30-40% lower price that steam market.
Here is my theory :wink:

Theory they using Russian Socks5 and Russian Phone numbers because its very cheap:
. SUPERSOFTWARE (Change: Webrtc.Socks5.GeoLocation.Time.Useragent) Automate any tasks in the Internet. They just made template to Register at some email hosting or using they own domain as mail its cheaper and faster because API, Then registration at Gameflip request receive sms this is not big problem there is so many sms activation(real numbers) services with API they cost 0.017$-0.07$ per one sms, after that they made Account who sale items for 1$ and buy it whith invite codes, After that Seller account can buy with balance or transfer again it to another account who is with history.
SUPERSOFTWARE can work in 100 task at one time.

So lets me open my calculator:
To make 1$ = (1sms) 0.07$ + (socks5) 0.01$ = 0.08$ to make 1$ on gameflip
socks price in 1 month about 10-15$ where is mobile and dynamic IP can change by request API, i will not give any link or software name to people, because they can use it ! only if gameflip want can ask me in PM

I like very much gameflip and its better that all ebay,g2a and other marketplaces. So if i can help you i will be glad. There is some bugs in SUPERSOFTWARE that is delectable by browser, and if they are using socks5 i can find them what kind of service they using

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its not a BUG its called marketing strategy for gameflip and it so happened at the end users has this so called “black hat method” on how they can manage to make hundreds or thousands of accounts etc… and its not a software its a freeware with their black hat method. In short its not new and i assume gamefilp knew about it for sure they have taken safety precaution before running their marketing strategies.

i know this black hat methods because i worked in Cyberpolice, and i know russian language have many private forums access and software and i don’t like what is happening with gameflip and just want to help!

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Thanks for bringing this up. We are aware of these promotions and the potential exploits in these.

However, we control the max amount that can be redeemed on a per campaign basis and usually, exploiters cannot get their money invested in items or payout before we suspend them.

The purchases from the last few days had to do with Bitcoins and not marketing campaigns.

that in russia right ?
in the United States there online service and it is free for make new phone number if want to know just required email.

Yes i know Twillio and other services but in US , you get Voip and Gameflip see voip number like all other sms security services.

It’s all 1$ skins! You can check the name! Looks like it’s the same guy Uploading…

im trying to upload a screnshoot but i cant! anyway check the feedback you will find almost tha same name

lol so they are buying items at x2 prices buy getting 1$ in their accounts, how long would it take them to make thousands of dollars ? years?.. Russians are dumping their bitcoins because Russian government has banned bitcoin trades, or at least attempted to.

Nothing we have not tried to ban. These goods are taken by those who received $ 1 after registering on the site.

To make 1000$ will take about 2-3hr with full automation ! and bitcoin is banned in they country but they all can withdraw bitcoin buy 100% with cash or other payments webmoney,qiwi,bank transfer

yet theres only 10 or so accounts that were buying stuff 3x, the rest were people who were trying to cash out their earnings in skins. and no one is going to make 1 thousand fake accounts. Plus it will take forever to get that 1$ transfered to another account. THey are simply dumping BITCOIN

no they are not, period.

maybe but as support/admin told to us there was trouble in bitcoin, there is possible that they hacked bitcoin processing payment or they sending bitcoin with 0 confirmation that will never be confirmed its possible but its so hard and will take so much time to bitcoin refund back… so i don’t have idea how they made this huge balances with bitcoin.

I knew they were dumping bitcoin from day one, after i read the news about Russian government decision to block bitcoin sales. The trouble is that they were dumping bitcoin into gameflip accounts in large quantaties, my estimates close to $500k or more. Gameflip admins dont know why, thats why they call it trouble. There was no hacks in bitcoins but theres something brewing up in the upcoming month which will change bitcoin in some ways.

its also possible that these Russian buyers stole bitcoin and dumped it here, but thats not gameflip’s concern. because once the bitcoin is gone, its gone.

Where do you read such news? In Russia Bitcoin is not regulated in any way. But in China bitcoin was banned.

maybe you right stolen bitcoin can be used at gameflip to clean it, but if that happens why they used only gameflip ? other marketplaces haven’t. And there is many Bitcoin mixers that will clean bitcoins… so i dont’ think they just send large bitcoin to buy skins

In russia you can cash out any amount of bitcoin with cash delivery in any city