High withdrawal cost

首先英语不是我的母语 。为了更好的表达我想使用自己的语言 在我使用比特币提款的时候因为你们的延迟 我付出了高昂的费用,你们发送提款的时间是2天内 但是发送的时候是按照提款时候的美元兑换比特币数量在发送,我在你们网站销售dota2 当我提款1208按照手续费费用 1%+2 我收到提款1143 因为你们的延迟支付我损失了60美金,哇哦 你们不会按照发送时候美元兑换比特币的数量而是按照申请的时候的兑换数量发送这是非常搞笑的 如果在1个小时内发送那么这个正常的,但是你们是在48小时内发送 这样比特币波动我们损失非常大,这个问题是可以解决的但是你们应该是故意的 ,如果你们发送的时候是按照发送时候美元兑换比特币的价格 这样所有人都是公平的,我在你们网站销售1208得到的是1143 这个问题难道不是你们的吗 如果你们发送的时候按照1208兑换比特币发送 那么所有问题都可以解决 我非常想不明白你们的提款系统,每次提款的成本如此高,在这里销售只能亏钱,当steam封禁了 opskins我来到这里 我的体验真的非常糟糕

Hello @fun33

In order for everyone understand you, I will suggest you to use English as primary lang.

You can use google translate, translation will not be perfect and that’s okay, we can understand that.

I’v translated your story and your are wrong. I dont know how can you lost 60$ just like that, I’v over 30+ withdrawals and mostly I got 1-2$ more or less, never below that.

I’m suggesting you to read this carefully
Also I will tag a moderator, our best guy on this forum @DunnBiscuit he can tell you more about time when bitcoin batch are created, also your loss might occurs of high loss on bitcoin value.


Because they sent it 2 days later. During this time, bitcoin has been cut in price.


BTC batches are sent daily (during the week) during the morning whenever we have enough batches to send.

Dealing with crypto currencies has its risks of the prices going down or even going up in a matter of hours or days.

With that said I want to get more information on that, can you send me your invite code and the day of the payout requested?

I’ll check it, but I’m afraid nothing much can be done.

Thank you.

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I might know how you end up losing those 60 $ you say in previous post.

Circled amount is calculated by current value of BTC
Underscored value is amount that I’v received that day and it’s matching withdraw.

I hope the mystery of missing 60$ is solved. Or if you were so unlucky and bitcoins dropped a few hundreds when your withdraw was in In Transit process well that’s very very sad :confused:

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If you are based on the bitcoin price of the US dollar when you send it, this problem can be solved perfectly.

Check the charts
Bitcoin dropped 300$ down from 23.9(your date of withdraw)-27.9 and that is your loss.
You have almost 1/5 of btc and 300/5.5 is around 55$ and that’s your loss…

Thank you for your help, you are a nice person.

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