First time buyer lost 39 dollers

I had a prepaid visa and i tryed to buy awp hyperbeat it said reviewing request come back later or somthing along thoes lines and i came back later and i did not get my awp hyper beast infact it is still up for sale the one i tryed to buy but thing is i didnt get my money back i have further evedence that 39 was transferd to ur site but never changed into ur curency i dont know how to get that 39 back but if it helps i can send photos of what i recently bought and a phooto of the 39 dollers that was taken from my prepaid visa gift card and transferd to ur site

No worry, you won’t lose any money. I suggest you create a ticket with Gameflip support (Goto, Login and Click Contact Support at the bottom).

Usually, Gameflip does “authorization” on your card when you make a purchase (should show as pending), and once you receive the item, it will “capture” the fund (actual money transfer).

So if you didn’t receive anything for whatever reason, the authorization will be voided or cancelled, meaning money never left your card.

Where would i find if its pending

If you use a credit/debit card, log on to your bank website, and you should see it (same with PayPal).

I looked and it says 139 was transferd to game flip but i only spent 100 and my ballance is 0 on game flip but on the preapaid visa it says its still pending but i already spent 100 of that pending. What do i do

Has support responded back to you yet? The amount may just be “authorized” but not transferred.

Anyhow, take the screenshot and send it to Support (don’t post it here for privacy reason). I’m sure they’ll get it resolved for you.

Hey @Static_COD, please, contact us at, and send the support team any information you have about this issue so they can investigate.

(If they already helped you out, please, disregard this message).


Ok they told me to contact my bank bc the transaction was cancled… i did i was told that the transaction i made was not cancled they even help me to check to see if it was and it wasnt.i lost 39 dollers on this site pretty dissapointed

Hey @Static_COD, did you send all the information you gathered from yuor bank to our support team?

If not, please, contact us right away, so we can investigate this further.


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