How long does it take for a paypal cash out?

Hello, I have made a request for a paypal cash out earlier this day and it is still on “pending”. I haven’t received an email saying that the request had been sent either.

It is not my first or second time cashing out with paypal but this time it is taking more time then usual. The previous have been within the hour.

So, how long does it usually take?

Hey, it may take up to 2 business day to a payout to be processed.

If you have any other question, please, contact our support team. Thanks!

I seem to have the same problem except i had a prepaid visa and i tryed to buy awp hyperbeats (field tested)it said reviewing request come back later or somthing along thoes lines and i cam back later and i did not get my awp hyper beast infact it is still up for sale the one i tryed to buy but thing is i didnt get my money back i have further evedence that 39 was transferd to ur sight but never changed into ur curency i dont know how to get that 39 back but if it helps i can send photos of what i recently bought and a phooto of the 39 dollers that was transferd from my prepaid visa gift card to ur sight

Hey @Static_COD, if you haven’t done so yet, please contact our support at, so they can look into this further. Thanks!