Some Suggestions for Gameflip

Hey everybody !

I have a couple of suggestions for gameflip in general.

As you guys know, gameflip have become popular around all the world so gameflip have sellers/buyers in all countries, but not all countries have a usable paypal wallet, like for example: me. I need to do multiple money transfers to get the money in my bank account and the taxes it takes they kill me and my money hahah I would suggest you guys add a new withdrawal option like skrill, it is easiest for me to use skril, it take taxes too but less than the things I need to use to transfer from PayPal to my bank account.

Other suggestion I can give is about advertising.

I found out about gameflip with a rocket league youtuber (he is not talking about gameflip anymore or doing rocket league videos) but now I haven’t seen anything about gameflip at all in any place so I could suggest you guys sponsor some youtube guy again so gameflip can have new buyers/sellers in here, also with that suggestion I suggest you guys block the possibility to name profiles like “Gf confirmation” “Sell confirmation” etc etc.

I think that is all ! thanks gameflip for all I am happy with the service you guys give us all.

Basically Skrill charges you less than PayPal for transferring money to your bank? I’m just curious, which country are you located? Also, can you not use PayPal (or Skrill) wallet directly instead of moving the money to banks?

I’m curious because I use PayPal, and to avoid bank transfer fees, I just buy stuff directly with PayPal.

No, but Skrill has the option to transfer to my bank account haha PayPal do not have that option for international banks.
I am located in Ecuador :slight_smile:
I can’t use PayPal in my country directly cause … nobody use that here :frowning: hahah I could use it to buy international stuff too like you do but, I would have to deal with the taxes too when receiving the thing I bought for example ! I once bought a X thing for producing my music, payed and all great … but when receiving the item the company who receives the item and deliver it to me charged me with 60$ more than the product I bought. So … yeah I would prefer Skrill hahaha

So buying directly doesn’t work for me