Why not add skrill as withdrawing method?

Paypal is really bad at my country it freezes my funds also skrill is better for many other reasons

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Hey Triplou!

Thanks for that information.

I will leave this ideia noted here for future updates!

Have a great day!

God speed!

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have they limited your account and hold your funds for 180 days ? have they asked for any infos to remove the hold ?

Nah it’s just my country is limited when it comes to dealing with PayPal

Please I sent some messages to Gameflip team about my issue no one replied, I’m trying to connect my Payoneer account to withdraw my money but I can’t so please can you do it by your side or fix it

payooner not active yet

skrill will be available soon as withdrawl method
i have recieved this news today from gameflip support


Yes, PayPal is crazy. Stupid employees. I hate PayPal. They freeze my money 2 times

Skrill is now available

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