Wire Transfer (directly to bank from gameflip) and copy ingame listings

I’ve been doing Gameflip for a couple years now and I’ve always had to use third-party applications to pay out from Gameflip to my bank account it would be great if there is just a wire transfer option from Gameflip directly to bank I wouldn’t even care if it had a commission on it.

And another great idea that would be useful for us ingame sellers would be The ability to copy listings just like gift card sellers I tried to use Gameflip API but it was so complex I couldn’t learned after hours of trying.


I totally agree… It’d be much more convenient for a lot of people to just be able to do bank transfers without needing to make accounts on third party websites like ( Transferwise,Skrill and Payoneer).

Well that’s why they brought Transferwise, its exactly like a bank transfer and the fees are cheaper than what banks usually charge. It bypass it all.

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Let me just add, when your withdraw on Gameflip using Transferwise, the money goes directly to your bank, doesn’t go to the third party website. Saves you time and money.

I’m confused. So, do you make a Transferwise account then put your bank information and whenever you withdraw on Gameflip it goes directly to the address on Transferwise?

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Bingo! That’s exactly correct.

Ah, that does sound way better. Okay, Payoneer and Skirll aren’t like that though right?

Nothing like them, those are garbage payouts and should be removed from the website.

Alright, well thank you for all the information! I’ll do a little more research i guess ahah.

Which currency you going to cashout?

CAD, why do you ask?

Then you should be all good, the only currency thats an issue is USD for people outside of the US, other then that your all good.

Alright, thanks for all the help my man!


Let me just add this for future reference. If your bank in your country supports the currencies listed in the link above you shouldn’t have any problems at all. (Except for US Currency for those people receiving the money outside of the US is abit of a problem ).

For those who don’t see their local currency contact your local bank and get them to open you one of the following currencies in that link above, apart from USD, i for one recommend opening a Euro Account as most banks support it.

If you would also like to calculate how much the conversion fee is from US Dollars to which ever currency you want, use this website to calculate it.

  1. Click Multi-currency account
  2. Click Converting between balances
  3. Click the currency you will receive

So TransferWise isnt hood for USD?

Its only good if you live in the United States.


  • i do get a question if u can have an answer that will be great with tranferwise as when u try to withdraw it’s go directly to the bank yeh but can i just get that money to go to my transferring balance tell i withdraw it on later date like payoneer or other services or is it not possible to

Yes you can do that too @baaziz0yassine, for example create a Euro balance on TransferWise and once you get your account verified for a Euro Balance account transferwise will provide you a IBAN, you can use that IBAN to recieve Euros from anywhere around the world into your TransferWise Euro balance.


I have a question im from spain i have a bank acount in euros but the money in gameflip is in USD so if i crate an acount in transferwase and add my bank acount to there would have any problem with that ? I was watching the other replays and yu tell if yu have USD and yu are not from united states i will have problems
My withrawl in dolars in gameflip will be a problem ?

When you apply for withdraw, you should be able to select euro