Transferwise (Suggestion/Question)

I’m thrilled with the addition of Transferwise as a withdrawal option. But i was wondering, couldn’t it be possible with the new addition of Transferwise to let sellers simply request bank transfers from Gameflip’s Transferwise account to a seller’s bank account?

You can do that, they pay out to either

No, i mean instead of having to make a Transferwise account, have us give our bank account information to then just do a bank transfer from their accounts. Or just a new method of withdrawing…

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Sorry I meant that you don’t need a Transferwise account.You just give your email and transferwise send you a form to give your bank details.

hi, i want to ask, today i want to withdraw by transferwise but it said “Unauthorized”, last night i still can do but now cannot

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How long sir?

oh okay i will wait, i prefer use transferwise than other, bcs transferwise so fast , thankyou ,

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