Question about Tranferwise withdrawal bcs its not clearly explained in the help section

By registered email address do you mean gameflip one or transferwise one?given that i dont have a transferwise account

I use transferwise to withdraw with ZERO issues, all I can do is walk you through how I did it.

  1. Created a transferwise using the same email I used to create my gameflip. (Although it seems I didn’t even need to do that at all because I still got my money without no relative information in transferwise itself.)

  2. Head to gameflip and begin your withdrawal from gameflip using transferwise.

  3. Transferwise will ask you for information relevant to sending you your money, complete the information and it only takes 2-3 days to receive your cash. (Weekdays, weekends may cause process times to be longer) P.s I use the option “local bank account” which just means you would like to use some form of checking or debit which would require account number/routing number. This cannot be debited to a card.

  4. Before submitting your information during your cash out process I would recommend that the information you have on gameflip matches the information your using to pay out, I.e. physical address/email address.

But seriously I use it and I don’t have any issues with it


great, so if i use choose the “email” option bcs i dont have local us bank account and dont wanna use swift all i have to do is use the email associated with my gf account even tho it’s not registered on transferwise right?

Using your email would then associate it with the email registered transferwise account

It just explaining how to sign up transferwise, it’s a great website, never had an issue with them. You can link your tranferwise to your gameflip wallet.