Request for Transferwise Reversal

I would like to request for a reversal of my Transferwise withdrawal as I can’t even get it even if I made a Transferwise account.

My code is: 9CV6DK

Thank you in advance.

Hello @jeffnocom,

If you have already requested a transfer to your TransferWise account, you need to contact them regarding the reversal.

If you have sent the funds to a TransferWise account that does not exist, the funds will automatically be returned to the sender (Gameflip).

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

As long as you can cancel it from TransferWise, the funds will automatically go back to your Gameflip wallet.

I did, but they said that I should ask you (Gameflip) instead. (see attachment)


Actually, I can’t (cancel) from my side as I’m stuck with the need to enter a US bank account which I don’t have. I thought I could use my local (PHP) bank account but Im wrong. So there’s no way to accept the transfer. Hence, I need Gameflip to reverse it and put it back on my Gameflip account instead of leaving it floating. :frowning:

My understanding is you need TransferWise to “cancel” it. Just tell them to cancel the transfer and send the funds back to Gameflip. The funds will be back in your wallet, and you can request paying out through another method.

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