Transferwise withdrawal wrong account need urgent MODERATOR HELP NEEDED!

I withdrew 490$ via transferwise. I entered the wrong account number for the payment,it was missing a digit. I called transferwise today and they said the payment will go back to gameflip. Will the payment be resent back to me by gameflip wallet? I need help from support but support takes too long to reply or chooses not to reply at all to me. I am a big seller on here with over 5k sales and its always hard for me to get a response from support. I need to make sure this payment bounces bank to gameflip as I cannot afford to lose the money.

Hello im not a mod but live chat starts at 8am eastern you must be on a computer and a mod will be there within a few min

Ok thanks. Saw the live chat sometimes and sometimes it would be gone. Never new it started from a particular time.

8am to 1pm east

There isn’t a set time this is just one of the times that they are most often available
There is a chat option right now if you haven’t contacted somebody already

Ok thanks :slight_smile:


hi if u didn’t mind me asking this as i need some help when u did make the withdrawal for 490$ gameflip did charge 1% +0.5 right but at transferwise end how much fees were u charged for the transfer,
on there end how much did u receive, as at transferwise how much funds they said u will receive to your bank after all fees

Hello @baaziz0yassine,

If you have any doubts regarding the transfer fees, you can verify at the end of the following page:

God Speed! :trident:

The funds will go back to Gameflip wallet, so no worry!

Are you loosing the fee they charged if they return to your wallet?