Transfer wise payment in transit for several days ( SOLVED)

My profile code is BNFVD4 and on 25th Dec i applied for withdrawal via Wise to my account ( direct transfer to local bank account).
Usually it would take a few minutes for transfer to complete but this time its been in transit for few days now.
Since it was a direct transfer , i don’t have any Wise tracking ID either which i can use to talk to TransferWise support. I just have a mail from gameflip that my request has been submitted to Wise.

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit please look into it as i would be needing some funds for the new year. It would be a great help if you can help with the prompt transfer.

Already raised the issue with support as well ( no reply yet) - ticket number #736136

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hello sumits, I had the exact same problem I withdrawed on the 25th aswell and my brother did and we are still waiting I think it might be something to do with bank holidays and then banks don’t process it then I’m not sure. I went on live Gameflip support chat and they said just contact finance team

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hii, thanks mate! How do you contact the finance team? I just raised a request with the support , i have no idea how to contact finance division separately. I will update you in all case if i receive the money.

Yh I think it’s just a ticket and the finance team will have a look at it. Are you from uk aswell ? Because its still bank holiday in UK for me till tommorow when banks open back up. I was thinking maybe they don’t process international transaction on bank Holidays this is weired

no bro, i am from India. Banks are open here , they were closed on Christmas though. Yea maybe its just too many transactions near to christmas and new year so they are processing them all but its really strange since it never took this long.

I have same issue for Wise payout. I think its was caused by Christmas. I didn’t get any payment from 24 dec, it’s all has “In transit” status.

I got a mail from the support team today and they asked me to wait for a day or two . Please update here in case you get your money since i applied for the withdrawal just a day after you, so in case any of us receives it, others can be rest assured as well.

Hi I saw your reply earlier hopefully gameflip fix this soon because its annoying. I have spoke to a few other people aswell who all are having the same glitch

Indeed, i thought i could use the funds for the new year’s celebration but now they are stuck. It never happened before with Wise , hopefully they will transfer it soon.

I also made a ticket aswell yesterday the more tickets they recieve they know there is a bug

OK i just received mine! just a second ago

Ok guys! transactions are going smoothly now! i just initiated another one just a minute ago and it went through . I think you all will get your funds in some time as well

Hello @sumits,

Thanks for the update.

God Speed! :trident:

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Hello everyone!

We are currently investigating if there is something on our side related to this issue, but please contact Wise and request an update regarding this delay.

If anyone else is still having issues, please provide me the invite code so I can take a look.

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight it seems to be all working now

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Got my funds, thank you for support!

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I have been having an issue with my account as well.

Hello @ReddFoxx,

What is the issue on your account?

Could you please provide me your invite code?

God Speed! :trident:

It got solved but thank you anyways!

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Ive Noticed Wise disappeared from withdraw list