Withdrawal not processed for almost a week

I made a transferwise withdrawal last week and I still have not received any payment.
How long do transferwise withdrawals take?


Best to contact Support about it and ask them if no one here knows it as I have seen your other post but no one replied the timing for the withdrawal which means probably none of us knows. Support would know about such things.


For those wandering. you get email from transfer wise in which you need to submit your bank details to get the payment.

hi if u don’t mind me asking how much fees are at transferwise end like if u did transfer 500$ or if u did make any transfer to inform us

Hello @baaziz0yassine,

If you have any doubts regarding the transfer fees, you can verify at the end of the following page:

God Speed! :trident:


as that end there is no fees related as last time i did try it the end money it’s show at my email was less than what i got so there was fees at transfer wise so my question is can i test it myself for 500$ as once i got the email from transferwise i can check the fees then cancel the withdraw and got the funds back if the fees was to big as i do remember the withdraw is not final tell i conform it at transferwise end

Transferwise charges extra fees dont know how much. Payoneer is cheaper than transferwise for big amounts