Withdrawl Needs Approval

So yesterday I’ve made a withdrawl to my Transferwise acount and it was approved immediately and it got transferred to my bank account the next day. However today when I made a withdrawl again, it’s pending and needs approval. May I ask how long does it usually take for it to be approved? Will I need to submit a ticket to speed up the approval time? I’m unsure about the system’s withdrawl algorithm but the amount I’ve withdrawn yesterday and today were similar amount and they don’t exceed the daily/weekly limit Gameflip has. Please let me know what I should and whether or not I should submit a ticket. THank you.

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Hello @War_Lord,

Your money should be paid into your Transferwise account, taking note of these:

  • New seller: 3-5 Days.
  • Good seller: 1-3 Days.

Transfers typically happen in 1-2 days.

If the money has not reached your TransferWise account or bank account, I suggest contacting the appropriate people. I hope this has helped. - If needed, contact Gameflip Support about further enquiries regarding your transfer.

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Im in the same boat but with Skrill, i made a payout but its saying that it still needs approval. My skrill account doesnt even show the pending transaction. What is going on?

Hello @Ian_Wurtsmith,

Could you please inform me your profile code so I can take a look into your account?

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Hey I just requested a withdrawal and it needs approval can you check that out for me? @DarkKnight


Hello @iReck!

Usually, the payouts requested during the weekend are authorized by our team on Monday at the latest.

Hope you have a great day!

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I was wondering if you could answer some questions regarding withdrawing funds using wise. So I don’t have a wise account made on their site as it was stated you didn’t need to in order to cash out using wise but here are my questions

• my withdrawal says “needs approval” I was curious as to what that means and the time frame it takes to approve the withdrawal and for it to reach my bank account

• I was also curious when setting up my information to use wise to cash out my available balance on the mobile app i selected ach and entered all the info required (routing number, account number) do I need to make an account with wise in order for the funds to be sent to my bank account or will they use the information I filled out to send it directly to my bank?

Hopefully you’re able to answer these questions and clear up any confusion


@DarkKnight my code is also 5Y84L3 hopefully you’ll be able to help and approve it for me :slight_smile:

Hello @GavinA!

Sure, I will do my best to answer your questions ok.

  • This status means our Finance Team didn’t have a chance to review your payout yet. In case this is the first time you withdrew funds from your Gameflip Wallet, it could take up to 7 days to process.

This time frame is due to an extra precautionary measure required by our payment processor to check all the information is correct.

Afterward, it will usually take 2 days to process. This period will also depend on your bank and how they process these transactions.

If the payout status shows “Needs Approval” and the withdrawal occurred during the weekend, it will be reviewed on Monday at the latest.

  • As informed in the following Help Center link, you don’t need a Wise account to use the Wise páyout option and the funds will go straight to your preferred bank account.

Also, I have verified your payout and can see that it was already released.

Hope you have an awesome day!

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Thank you for responding,

I was going to ask I checked today and saw it had the status as paid now and I received an email that the funds were released to Wise. Now on gameflip it states I don’t need a wise account but I chose to make one after I filled out the withdrawal by ACH on the gameflip site where I entered my bank acc information. the email said I had to be fully verified on wise to receive payout. And completed that as well.

I checked this morning and there were no funds in my bank account or on my wise account. Just curious if after it’s been sent to wise does it take a few days for them to release the funds to either directly to my bank account based on bank information I put in gameflip or for them to put it into my wise account? I attached below the email I had received. I know you said I don’t need a wise account but I’m assuming since I had made one it changes things?

Hello @GavinA,

It could take up to 7 days to process since this is your first time withdrawing an amount from your account with Wise.

Also, the information that you provided for an ACH withdraw will be the one used to send the amount to your bank ok.

That is strange since you do not need an account to request a withdraw, but it could be a security measure from them to request verification in some cases.

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Sounds great! Thank you so much for your help clearing it up for me

Have a great day

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Not a problem at all @GavinA!

Keep me posted on your case ok.

If any doubts show up, please inform me so I can verify and if needed I will contact our Financial Support to take a look too.

Have an great day too!

Godspeed! :trident:

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Update the money just deposited into my account so we are good! Thanks again for all your help!

The same thing is happening to me, I need the money badly too.