needs approval staatus

hello everyone, i tryed withdraw 450$ via skrill (my first withdraw on this system after paypal removal), and my cash changed in status “needs approval”. Should i do something or no? How long it will be in this status?
@MajorTom @DarkKnight @op_JOkEr
Can somebody explain, what i need to do? thanks everyone

24-48h there is nothing u can do as u did just start using skrill it’s will do that few times

as an advice u should have used payoneer it’s much cheaper in fees same as paypal when u bank payout there on skrill u will pay 7%more

@baaziz0yassine ,thank you for your opinion, but in my country payoneer may be use only as like online payment crap (like paypal in CIS region) and this option very boring for me

I was withdrawing on PayPal and Payoneer depending on amount, but it was always 1-2 minutes before I receive an e-mail about successful withdraw. Was it same with you?

I just withdraw to Payoneer few minutes ago. This is not even my first withdraw to Payoneer after they removed PP as an option, but this is first time after my early Gameflip days that my withdrawal has “Pending” status.

Should I be worried? If this is going to be the case every time now we should be informed about changes like this.

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Hello @Pedja_Erakovic,

There is no need to be worried.

Most payouts occur within a few hours, but some cases may take up to 2 business days.

God Speed and Happy Holidays! :santa: