needs approval staatus

Hello @YourGamingSorted,

Sorry for the wait.

I have verified your payouts and can see that they have already been paid.

Also, keep in mind that payouts usually take 2 days to process. This period will also depend on your bank and how they process these transactions.

God Speed! :trident:

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Hay please can you check mine status needs approval profile code F7TMWZ

Hi, im stuck on “need approval” also can you check for me?

Profile code: 3NS1DN

Hello @Fallout and @Barrick!

I have verified both payout and they were requested yesterday.

So they should get approved soon ok.

God Speed! :trident:

Same happened to me this is my 4th payout and I never experienced this before even one of my payout is more than $100.

Profile Code: YSTCRV

Hello @Mhiss,

I have verified your account and can see that the payout was already approved.

Keep in mind that payouts usually take 2 days to process ok.

God Speed! :trident:

I recently requested for a payout and the status is stuck at “needs approval”. Can you please have a look into it?

Profile Code: KDHSBW

Thank you

Hello @consuelo_devinadera,

I have verified and all your payouts to Payoneer were paid successfully.

God Speed! :trident: